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Hand Sanitizer (70% alcohol)


When it comes to keeping germs away, nothing beats a good scrubbing with soap and water. However, if you have no access to soap and water, hand sanitizer is a good alternative.

Our hand sanitizer consists of 70% alcohol content with added Glycerin, Sea Buckthorn berries oil and Carrot seed essential oil for moisturizing and healing. Sodium PCA & Provitamin B5 help in re-epithelialization and reduction of skin cracking. Vitamin A is also included for skin rejuvenating.

It has a consistency of a liquid and comes in a spray form.

The effectiveness depends on quantity used, duration of exposure and frequency. All hand and finger surface areas must be covered with the sanitizer.

Sizes available are 60ml, 100ml and 250ml. Bring Your Own Bottle(BYOB) to get UP TO $3 rebate*.

*BYOB is only available for on-site direct purchase.

+ Disinfectant

+ Moisturizing

+ Rinse Free

+ Non Sticky

+ Healing & Rejuvenating

+ Re-epithelialization

+ Reduce Skin Cracks

+ Fragrance-Free

Isopropyl ethanol, Purified water, glycerine sodium pca, provitamin B5, sea buckthorn berries oil, carrot seed essential oil

Spray on palms and rub with both hands for 20-30 seconds.  Ensure all surface areas are covered.

Safety Precautions 

- Store in cool and secured locations.
- Stay away from heat and flammable sources.
- Children should use it with adult supervision
and keep this product out of their reach.
- Not suitable for children below 2 years old.
- If ingested, seek a doctor immediately.

Texture: Liquid spray form.

After feel: Non-sticky.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Hand Sanitizer (70% alcohol)


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Kelly Ng
Perfect for all skin types :)

This 2 in 1 hand sanitizer is amazing... Just need 1 to 2 spray a time... Can last very long until end of the day...

Maybe can improve the moisture formula would be better (a little too sticky after applying, need to wait longer to remove the sticky effect...

Usually I bought other brand in supermarket... The effect was either too strong smell or dry pain but this formula is ok for to use...

Will purchase this again... Thanks...