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White / Blackhead Pneumatic Extractor (Gentleair)


Our first pre-order is sold out!

usual $58, NOW $39

This is the 2nd pre-order, delivery in early July 2021.

Gentleair extractor is the latest home facial care equipment for white/black head extraction.  

Gentle on the skin yet powerful enough to extract out stubborn white / black heads* in the comfort of your home.

It is recommended to extract once a week to clear pores clogged by daily makeup and dirt.  

Pores would noticeably look smaller over time with consistent extraction and pore shrinkage with Acne eliminator. 

Recommended for maintaining bigger pores.

*Skin should be cleansed & prepared with lycopene enzyme mask + steaming for best effects.  Equipment should be kept moving across taut skin, avoid stationery position for more than 2 seconds which may cause flushing / bruising. 

#AA batteries not included.  

#6 months warranty

#Non-camera model


White / Blackhead Pneumatic Extractor (Gentleair)