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Facial Therapies

How does revitalizing your skin with

the very same premium natural ingredients used in high end cosmetics

at affordable prices sound to you?


Simply allow our R&D researchers to collect skin data*, before & after every therapy session.   

It's really that simple!

*i.e. non-invasive methods - sebum level, moisture level, pigment brightness, skin elasticity, etc

msArtisan's cosmeceutical products ingredients are submitted & registered with the Health Science Authority of Singapore



ms.Artisan Singapore natural skincare - our promise



Customized Facial Therapies

 Our therapies consists of the following steps:

  1. Cleansing
  2. Exfoliation scrub,
  3. Pore opening steam,
  4. Extraction (25mins, extension upon request),
  5. Treatment (optional),
  6. Acupressure,
  7. Facial massage,
  8. Shoulder massage,
  9. Mask (starting from $22),
  10. Tone,
  11. Moisturizing,
  12. Head massage.

Base $60  (Regulars and student 22yrs and below)   /   $68   (non regular)


  • Extraction (25 mins, every additional 10 mins at $15)
  • Masks  (+$22 to $400)
  • Treatments Range  (+$98 to $138)
  • Eye Treatment (firming/dark circles/puffiness),
  • Acne Treatment ,
  • Sensitive skin,
  • Hydration,
  • Anti aging,
  • Whitening,
  • Scar mark reduction.

10% discount for mask & treatment during off peak hours.

Off-peak hours : Weekdays from 10.30am - 3pm excluding public holiday and 2 weeks prior to Christmas, New year and Lunar New Year.



Express Therapies

Basic Express - $68

1) Purifying Express
(Includes cleanse, scrub, steam, extraction, mask, tone, moisturize & sunblock)

2) Relaxation Express
(Includes cleanse, scrub, acupressure, facial massage, shoulder massage, mask, tone, moisturize & sunblock)

Premium Express - $89

a.  Whitening / Brightening
b.  Oil-control / Anti-inflammatory / Acne scar
c.  Hydrating

(Premium express facials includes cleanse, scrub, ultrasound with relevant serums, acupressure with leave-on serums, tone, moisturize & sunblock)

Anti-Aging Express - $109

(includes cleanse, scrub, ultrasound with relevant serums, acupressure, facial massage with leave-on serums, tone, moisturize & sunblock)

All express facial is about 50-60mins.
Enjoy 10% discount during Off-peak hours (11am - 3pm).


*Price adjustment effective from 1st Jan 2024.