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Evening Primose Oil + 2% Marjoram & Tea Tree


Supplementing your skin with Evening Primrose Oil. Ms Artisan has selected this oil that contains high linoleic acid of 75.1% to low oleic acid of 5.8% (with gamma-linolenic acid of 10.6%).

Oils that are high in linoleic acids are known as the “dry oil” while those high in oleic acids are known as the moisturizing oil. Introducing high linoleic acid, low oleic acid oil into your skincare is crucial in preventing clogging your pores with your own sebum.

Evening Primrose oil is enriched with Majoram essential oil and Tea tree oil. Marjoram is known to balance hormonal imbalances besides being anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory like Tea tree oil.


- Decreases oil production

- Reduces comedones formation

- Anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory Recommended for all skin types.

Evening Primrose oil, Marjoram essential oil and Tea Tree essential oil.

Add 1-2 drop(s) to your serum or moisturizer and apply on cleansed skin. Use twice a day, both morning and evening. 

Note: please do a patch test prior to use. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Consult physician if problem persists.


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Evening Primose Oil + 2% Marjoram & Tea Tree