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How Customized skincare products can HELP or KILL your skin?

Customized skincare products have gained popularity in recent years, with many companies offering tailored skincare regimens to meet the specific needs and preferences of each individual.

While there are potential benefits to using customized skincare products, there are also serious drawbacks to consider.



Personalized approach:

Customized skincare products are tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of each individual, which can be beneficial for those with unique skin concerns or sensitivities. This approach allows for targeted treatment of specific skin issues, such as dryness, acne, or aging.


Higher quality ingredients:

Many customized skincare products are made with higher quality ingredients and fewer preservatives than mass-produced products. Since they are made in smaller batches and are designed to be used quickly, customized skincare products can offer fresher and more potent formulations.

Potential for better results:

Since customized skincare products are tailored to the individual, they may be more effective in treating specific skin concerns than mass-produced products that are designed for a broader audience. This can lead to better results and more visible improvements in the skin.


Personalized customer service:

Many companies that offer customized skincare products provide personalized customer service, including consultations with skincare experts to help determine the best products for each individual. This can be beneficial for those who are unsure of which products to use or who have questions about their skincare routine.  



Higher cost:

Customized skincare products can be more expensive than mass-produced products, as they are made in smaller batches and often contain higher quality ingredients. This can be a potential barrier for those who are on a tight budget or who cannot afford to invest in high-end skincare products.


Limited availability:

Customized skincare products may not be available in all areas or may only be available online, which can make it difficult for some consumers to access them. This can be particularly problematic for those who prefer to try products before purchasing or who want to shop locally.

Longer wait times:

Since customized skincare products are made to order, there may be longer wait times for delivery compared to mass-produced products that are readily available. This can be frustrating for those who want to start their skincare regimen as soon as possible.

Professional knowledge and experience:

Customizing skincare is simply not mixing and blending all potent ingredients as you like.  It takes many years of experience and professional knowledge about the properties of the ingredients to ensure effectiveness.   Some ingredients may counter-act the properties of another ingredient in the blend therefore rendering both ingredients useless or even produce a harmful effect on your skin.   i.e.