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Mummy's Love


We're incredibly passionate about what goes into our products for kids and mum-to-be. By taking the finest quality ingredients that are natural and safe for children and pregnancy, we have created "Mummy's Love".

Mummy's Love Natural "4 IN 1" 

  • Mosquito or Insect repellent
  • Light Moisturizer
  • Sunblock SPF 15~
  • Anti-Histamine


Actives against insects and mosquito:
 - Organic soy bean oil 
 - Vitamin B1 
 - 0.5% essential oils (citronella, eucalyptus lemon, ylang ylang and  patchouli) - safe for pregnancy and children. 
Mosquito Repellent Efficacy Test

Actives against itch, inflammatory, insect bites relief, healing:
 - Edelweiss extract
 - Organic marrubium extract
 - Sea buckthorn
 - Lavender distillate
Anti-histamine Test
Sun protection actives:
 - Zinc Oxide
 - Sea buckthorn
 - Rice Bran oil
 - Soy Bean Oil
UV Protection
Moisturizing actives:
 - Soybean oil
 - Rice Bran oil
 - Lecithin
 - Sea Buckthorn

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Mummy's Love