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Our Values - NIHAAO

Our Core Values – NIHAAO

The human body can only tolerate a certain amount of chemical exposure in its lifespan before its’ ill effects surfaces.  We are dedicated to using quality raw ingredients that are 100% natural and as free from harmful synthetic chemicals as possible.  If it’s from Mother Nature, we guess it would be good enough for us.

We believe in Karma; what goes around comes around.  We don’t believe in unethical shortcuts in our formulations and manufacturing process.  Come give us a try or talk with our supporters, you’ll discover that we mean what we say.
We believe that kindness makes the world a better place.  We don’t do animal testing.  We are PETA registered.
 We trust that every little bit of compassion helps.
We strive to create authentic relationship with our supporters, suppliers and team.  We genuinely want to make the lives of our stakeholders better.  We have dedicated our life resources to genuinely improving skin conditions, developing affordable yet effective products for everyone, and providing an ethical livelihood for the local workforce.
We don't do fancy bottles, packaging and costly marketing campaigns.  The cost savings allows us to use higher quality ingredients in our natural skincare products.


We believe that authentic positive reviews from our customers matters more.  
The human skin has evolved over thousands of years and its adaptability is amazing.  Many may not know that our skin will adapt to the skincare we use and its potency effects may decrease over time. 


We do not use OEM formulations; we have the expertise to formulate our unique and potent skincare solutions to ensure maximum efficacy.