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Why you should patch test before using a new cosmetic product?

At ms.Artisan natural skincare, we are dedicated to using the best of natural ingredients in our formulations. 

However, even with the most natural ingredients, our body can run the risk of allergies.  Just like many in this world whom are allergic to the humble peanut, you can be allergic to tea tree oil, popularized for its antibacterial properties. 

Therefore, it is important to do a simple patch test before using that new mask you bought at the mall.  

What is a patch test?

It is a contact test to investigate and confirm substances in small but less harmful quantities for allergies.  It is done on a small inconspicuous  patch of skin, usually on the inside of your elbow.

How can I do the patch test?

1.  Wash the skin area carefully and ensure nothing else is applied on it.

The purpose is to ensure that no other product is present to cause the allergic reaction.

2.  Apply a small pea size on that clean patch of skin and cover it up with a band-aid for 24 hours.  If you experience any itching or burning sensation, you should remove the band-aid and wash the area immediately.

3.  If you experience redness, bumpy and itchy skin, it is highly likely that there is an allergen in that product and hence not suitable for your skin.

The skin patch test is a very simple test that can help you understand your body better.   It's always better to be safe than sorry.