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7 Reasons to Switch to natural skincare

This will make you rethink your skincare routine

You might buy organic fruits and vegetables, but do you apply the same principles to your beauty routine? A recent report from the Soil Association highlighted that the organic health and beauty market has risen by a whopping 21.6 per cent in the last year alone.

‘With modern day stresses, strains and air pollution having a direct impact on our appearance, organic skin care offers a way to rejuvenate skin, aside from a healthy diet and lifestyle,’ says Seena Seka, a skincare specialist at Safa, of the growing trend for organic beauty.

Tempted? Seka has given us his top seven reasons to make the switch:

1 Safe to use
Organic products are known to be safe as they don’t use any toxic chemicals. They are prepared with pure organic, plant-based products and are gentle on the skin, giving you peace of mind.

2 Happy skin 
The purity of organic cosmetics and skincare ensures that they don’t cause harm to your skin. Therefore, people with the most sensitive skin can opt for organic skincare products, as they have the potential to reduce irritation sometimes caused by chemicals.

3 Keep the wrinkles at bay 
Organic skincare products often promise extra nourishment to your skin, reducing fine lines to keep it looking fresh and young. They don’t show results as quickly as regular products, but aim to maintain the health and radiance of your skin in the longer term.

4 Say no to red marks, and yes to a natural glow
A number of skincare products contain ‘filler’ ingredients that are of no value to your skin, such as artificial fragrances. These may make your skin smell nice, but they include phthalates which have the potential to trigger allergic reactions and are also known to cause damage to your kidneys, lungs, and reproductive system.

5 Oh natural
Try to avoid petroleum by-products, which include mineral oils and paraffin. They can make a product look and smell appealing, but are more likely to contain carcinogens, which clog pores and obstruct the skin’s ability to get rid of waste and toxins. Organic products use plant emulsifiers and essential oils – instead of synthetic ones – which protect and hydrate the skin.

Organic fuel = healthy skin
The key to healthy skin is a healthy lifestyle, so follow a nutritious diet and exercise regularly to help yourself stay feeling and looking younger. Eat plenty of organic fruit and vegetables, as they will give you a glow from within and help your skin stay healthy and radiant.

Beautiful skin and planet 
Not only does going organic save your skin, it also saves the planet. Organic farming is kinder to wildlife, and means that there is lower pollution from pesticides.


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